Some Thanksgiving foods can harm your pet


Even certain meats can be harmful to dogs

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A warning on giving pets Thanksgiving foods over the next couple of days.

“I don’t think they need any of it,” said Dr. Hodges, a Veterinarian at Western Veterinary Hospital.

Many do it — they toss their pets dinner scraps when they beg for a bite of food.

Experts say be careful with what you give them, as some foods may be harmful to your pooch.

“Definitely don’t give them anything with grapes or raisins in it. They can be toxic to dogs,” explained Dr. Hodges.

Even certain meats can be harmful to dogs.

“If you’re going to have ham, I really don’t like ham for dogs. Most of it is a little fat. You don’t want them to have the fat off the ham,” continued Dr. Hodges.

According to Dr. Hodges, bones are an absolute “no.” They can leave you with an emergency trip to the vet and a high bill.

“They can break those bones easily. They can shatter and puncture the stomach or small intestine,” explained Dr. Hodges.

There are a few vet-approved foods you can share with your pup, as long as it’s in small portions.

“If you must give them something, a little bit of white turkey meat with no skin, no bones, no fat can be fine. It needs to be in small pieces and small amounts,” said Dr. Hodges.

Dr. Hodges also said to be mindful of foods with lots of spices in them.

He recommended keeping your trash bags secured, too.

If you believe your dog has consumed something harmful to them, call your vet immediately.

“Just be very careful. Remember that you have the thumbs. You need to be the one that thinks and take care of your pets like you do your toddlers. Watch them very closely. Don’t get them into anything they could get to that could harm them,” said Dr. Hodges.

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