SAN ANGELO, Texas- Old Central Firehouse and The Bearded Barista in San Angelo, who’s beliefs are rooted in community, have teamed up to raise money for the First Responder Scholarship Fund.

“Together with the San Angelo Area Foundation, we came up with a scholarship and that we can help out the dependents of first responders with their higher education,” Michele Babiash, owner of Old Central Firehouse said.

Owner of The Bearded Barista, Nat Turney, dedicated his birthday to helping others with a special event to help raise part of the money.

“Between ticket sales, and the selling of the paintings, and donations that people brought in, we raised about a thousand dollars,” said Turney. “Old Central Firehouse matched those funds so we have about two thousand dollars raised for this scholarship fund.”

All involved hoped that funding a scholarship, would evoke immediate impact on the local community.

“First responders are really near and dear to our heart and so its just really on our hearts to give back to them,” said Babiash.

“We just want to be able to be a positive impact in our community and see if we can do something for the people that put so much out for everybody else,” Turney added.

The only qualification to apply for the scholarship is to be a child or dependent of a first responder in the Concho Valley. Old Central Firehouse and The Bearded Barista hope in 2022 to distribute the scholarship for the first time.