Ohio police warn about ‘highly addictive substance’ hitting the streets: Girl Scout cookies


RAVENNA, Ohio (WTNH) — An Ohio police department is warning residents about a “highly addictive substance” that’s hitting the streets: Girl Scout cookies.

On Friday, officers jokingly said the addictive desserts have street names like Thin Mints, S’mores, and Samoas.

The cookies are packed with yummy and addictive additives, meaning that consumers can’t have just one.

“We know many people think I will just get one box,” the department said in a Facebook post. “But one turns into two and two turns into five and the next thing you know you are hiding ‘Thin Mints’ in the freezer.”

But it’s not just the cookies people have to fear. Making matters worse, the department said the goods are distributed by “strong, smart, fearless young women who will lure you in with their story and get you hooked.”

The department also said it set up a “disposal” location for the cookies, adding that they will happily dispose of them.

The post ended with the hastags #girlscoutsareawesome and #copslovecookies.

Facebook users got a kick out of the post. One commenter said, “I know first hand how addicting they can be. I told myself I would try ONE BOX, and I never looked back. Now I have Girl Scout Cookies whenever I can get my hands on them. I have counted change and sold my soul for a box (or 5) of those deliciousnesses. I was trying to kick the habit, but its proved hard. They’re just to good. Whenever I dont have them I get withdrawals and dream of them. I recommend a GS Cookie Meeting.”

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