Official ballot order for May 1, 2021 City election


SAN ANGELO, Texas – The City Elections Office drew for candidates’ places on the ballot Monday, February 22, 2021.

Several candidates were in attendance but some were not. The races include Single Member Districts 2, 4, and 6 for City Council. The Mayor’s seat is also up for election. 

Incumbent Brenda Gunter has two opponents, Dietrick Tillis and Silvara Lawson. 

We spoke with all of them about the crises the city has faced recently. 

We asked them: Knowing what they know now, how would they have handled the multiple issues the city has faced over the last few weeks and what would they have done differently? 

The first thing people want to know is what’s going on and what are we doing about it. So for me it’s key to keep the public informed let them know every step of the way what we’re going to do what the resources are and the timelines and how we’re going to go about fixing it. A lot of times I get a question of what are you gonna do about stuff you don’t know about? Of course we can’t anticipate everything but I take a systematic approach of what I call a PDSA. Plan, Do, Study and Act,” Dietrick Tillis said.

“I really feel like we need to have an actual disaster plan in motion. Our city has been bombarded with so many crises, the water, the electric, etcetera, but were not prepared to handle it ourselves, I want to bring strength back to the community and I want to create plans where when the craziest of crazy happens I want to be able to take care of ourselves and work together as a community as we’ve already done,” Silvara Lawson said.

“I’m proud of the city, I’m proud of how we acted and reacted and the game plan that we executed but we would be wrong if we didn’t look back on it and try to determine things that we could have done better. But I also believe that based on the information that we had at the time and the situations we were dealing with which changed hourly, that the city responded correctly, efficiently and had the utmost concern for the citizens of this city including those who we knew were living with both power and water loss,” Brenda Gunter said.

Below is the official ballot order:

SMD 2 

  • 1 Mercedes De La Cruz
  • 2 Cie Avel Rangel 
  • 3 Tom Thompson (Incumbent) 

SMD 4 

  • Lucy Gonzalez (Incumbent, unopposed) 

SMD 6 

  • 1 Larry Miller
  • 2 James R. Ervin
  • 3 Billie DeWitt (Incumbent) 


  • 1 Dietrick Tillis 
  • 2 Gunter (Incumbent) 
  • 3 Silvara Lawson 

For voter registration and other city election information, click here.

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