The Baker family in Odessa is very gifted musically. The mother and father – Emily and Eric – both teach and perform locally. Since much of their work has been cancelled due to cancellations regarding the coronavirus, they now have more time to spend at home with their kids.

But, that’s not stopping them from making music. Every day, the family is posting videos of them singing on Facebook with their three daughters.

Some people have the gift to sew, so they are making medical masks. Some people have the gift of art so they are doing art tutorials on Facebook. This is our gift.

Emily Baker

Their first post now has over 1,000 shares with almost 60,000 views in just a week.

I thought that it might certainly bless and encourage the people who are local… but apparently it did so to the fact they wanted to share with their friends. We’ve been fortunate to get comments from lots and lots of different states and regions and areas across the country. Whatever we can do to bring some joy and encouragement to folks right now I think it’s important.

Eric Baker

Eric and Emily met in college at UT Arlington, graduating with degrees in music education. They say their brightest pupils may be living under their roof.

You know, these girls are just starting their gigging performances but we are slowly raising them to replace us. We are pretty sure they are going to be way more talented than us one day.

Emily Baker