SAN ANGELO, Texas- October is National Pedestrian Safety month and the Texas Department of Transportation is reminding drivers and pedestrians to watch out for each other.

“There is a reason for that because last year in 2021 we saw more pedestrian fatalities in the month of October,” said Mona Lisa Fischer with our local TxDOT.

The Fall and Winter season means not only a shift to cooler temperatures but also fewer hours of daylight and visibility becomes an issue.

“We need motorists to take their time when they’re coming into an intersection or when they’re coming to a stop where crosswalks are visible. There could always be somebody waiting to cross,” added Fischer.

She says pedestrians also need to take the time to use their areas of the road correctly.

“What happens a lot of the time is people get in a rush and they don’t walk the thirty feet to a crosswalk. Then they are wearing dark clothing or they have an earbud in their ear, so there lots of factors that you can do to be safer out there on the roadways,” said Fischer.

The city of San Angelo passed a sidewalk ordinance in the Fall of last year to promote the safety and welfare of residents and visitors. From now on all major rehabilitation projects will include sidewalks.

“A lot of the projects that you see here recently, Bell street just got completed and a major part of that project was sidewalks. So, College Hills will have it just as Howard street or Glenna and 29th street,” said Patrick Frerich with the City of San Angelo.

Even though pedestrian safety has a designated month Fischer encourages those in the community to be safe on the roads all year round.

“Year-round, 24/7, 12 months out of the year, we want everybody to be safe out on those roads when you’re traveling. Whether you’re bicycling, motorcycling, in a caged vehicle, or walking, be safe, be seen, and arrive alive,” said Fischer.