SAN ANGELO, TEXAS — The northern industrial area of San Angelo has been downgraded from a “do not use” to a “do not drink” advisory, according to a statement issued by the City of San Angelo today, February 25, 2021.

“Today the City of San Angelo, with TCEQ approval, was able to downgrade the do-not-use advisory for the northern industrial area to a do-not-drink advisory,” read the statement. “This means water can be used for showering, bathing, and laundry, but not for drinking or cooking. We advise residents and businesses in this area to flush your systems before use.

“This recommendation is based on post hydrant flush sample results received on the evening of February 24, 2021, demonstrating that drinking water samples collected from that area of the City did not contain any chemicals of concern. The do-not-drink advisory is being put in place in an abundance of caution to protect against possible risks from water ingestion, until additional information is received.

“The northern industrial area was physically separated through valves and has remained isolated since February 8.

“The investigation into the source of the contamination is still ongoing. This is not a quick or a simple investigation. The City along with experts from TCEQ, and the City of McAllen, have investigated and continue to investigate multiple businesses in the area, but still do not have the concrete evidence we need to pinpoint the official source of contamination. As soon as we have information to report we will let the public know.”