North Korea on Topic at Angelo State


Some of the country’s leading experts on North Korea spent the day in San Angelo for the annual security studies symposium at Angelo State.

“North Korea: Threats and Challenges”  featured speakers from several Washington D.C. based think-tanks along with an retired US Army General.

One of the panel members called North Korea a “criminal regime” because of human rights violations, another represents a group that promotes business relationships with South Korea.

“Because South Korea is so small on the map, I think its underestimated,” said Korea Economic Institute’s Mark Tokola. “Its the worlds eleventh biggest economy, our sixth biggest trading partner. So we have a lot of business we do in South Korea. Its not only a great economic success, its a democratic success, you can point to it in east Asia as a fully functioning democracy”

An ASU professor who wrote a book on the Kim Jong-Un era also talked about the build up of North Korea’s armed forces.

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