World Clown Association names new Caring Clown Director

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SAN ANGELO, TX – You may already know that humor can be good for your health, but did you know that there is a global organization of clowns dedicated to helping you feel better?

The World Clown Association is made up of about 2,000 clowns from 36 different countries. Their goal is to educate and help train clowns to be better humorist and caregivers  in their own communities and their own countries.

San Angelo resident Kathie Keaton, A.K.A. Piccolo the clown, has been bringing joy to those young and old for over forty years. She has won awards, written articles for the organization’s magazine, and has just recently been named the Caring Clown Director for the WCA.

“I did teach at the annual conference this year and I just think my name came up because I’ve got so much experience and the job was open and they asked me and accepted,” said Keaton. “A clown has a mission, they’re trained, you know they know how to work with people. They’re not just… People perceive that clowns are just silly and stupid people that are dressed up to act like idiots. There are many people who do that but those are not real clowns.”

Keaton says that the unfortunate image of clowns as scary or stupid is largely due to being uninformed, and as a community facet and published author, she does her best to brighten up that image. Bringing her decades of experience and growth to the table, Keaton hopes to further the training and outreach available to those wishing to being their joy to those enduring hard times.

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