Some say women and guns are like oil and water, they just don’t mix.

“There’s a few of the husbands I’ve heard or boyfriends that say ‘Oh she doesn’t need to be handling a gun’, but actually your best shooters are women,” says Linda Ashton.

“You know girls shoot better, they have built more patience they have more concentration, that is not even in my vocabulary in my life ‘women without guns’,” says Kathy Glass.

The stereotype is that shooting firearms is a sport for men.

“I think that cases people to have fear and this is wrong, I think that women can do anything that men can do,” says Stacey Dahl.

“In all honesty, women shoot better than men because our anatomy is built different from men,” says Glass.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation the number of women gun owners has increased drastically over the last decade.

“I believe I’ve read some articles where actually almost half of gun ownership is women and I can only see that going up,” says Ashton.

“There has been a huge swell of women and firearms. The thing is once women get into it, they find out how good they are at it,” says Glass.

A study from the foundation says this new group of women gun owners are primarily between the ages of 18 and 34 and reflects the changing demographics among women choosing to own firearms. The study conducted in 2014 also reported that women ages 18 to 65 owned at least one firearm.

While the number of women gun owners is increasing, the industry says self-defense is a top reason why women are showing an interest in learning how to handle firearms.