The most commonly owned firearm by women according to the National Shooting Sports Foundation is a semi automatic pistol, with 56% of women reporting they own at least one.

“It’s all about safety, it’s all about learning what you need to do with a gun. If you know the rules and you know the safety then I don’t think it’s an issue for men or women,” says Katie Dahl.

“I think anyone, anywhere, but especially here in West Texas they need to know everything they can about firearms,” says Kathy Glass.

Roy Jackson says he taught his granddaughter Ellen how to operate a firearm a few years ago.

“Just because she’s a girl doesn’t mean she cant’ shoot. There’s something in shooting for everybody,” says Jackson.

“It is for everybody, it’s an education thing and safety is extremely important, but I think you should expose children, if they show an interest in it, I think they should be exposed to it,” says Stacey Dahl.