SAN ANGELO, Texas – Few things during the holidays are better than the fresh pine smell of a real Christmas in your living room, but what do you do with it once the holidays are over?

San Angelo’s Olive’s nursery sold more than 50 afghan Christmas trees this year and their manager Annie shares some tips for your tree.

“just make sure that you are keeping it ice cubed seriously that the most important thing, it needs the cool water and it needs to be watered frequently inside and only up to three weeks it can be inside,” said Annie Chapman.

Its also important to keep your tree away from a draft or any heat sources but what about once Christmas is over? What do you do with the tree then? Annie tells us keeping it and planting it is the most environmentally friendly option.

“With live Christmas trees, they are usually cut and then after Christmas they are thrown away but with the afghan pines you can plant them and enjoy them for the next 50 years or so they get get real big, they are real nice, its a good tradition to start,” said Chapman.

For those who don’t plan on planting a possible 50 foot tree in their back yard you can always throw it away.

“What we advise homeowners to do with their trees is we have our standard bulk collection so every other week the trash truck will come by and collect bulk collection which is by far the easiest way to get rid of those trees. All we ask though is to take off all the tinsel and all the ornaments so they can load them up and put them in the truck. If you just want to bag those up separately and throw them in your normal trash you’ll get them picked up that way,” said Patrick Frerich, Assistant Director of Operations for the City of San Angelo.

If it’s not your pick up week for bulk collection, you do have another option.

“You know, if it’s an off week and you don’t want to wait that long, you do still have the citizens free dumping, out at the landfill that you can use your water bill to go out there and dispose of them in that manner too,” said Frerich.

The city also warns to not put old or used Christmas lights in your recycling bin but instead in your regular trash.