Update on the case of Brandon Mason Lawson

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On August 8, 2013 Brandon Mason Lawson went missing. It is a case that has been often talked about, and a case that is still open.

“We’ve had some leads in the ensuing years,” said Wayne McCutchen, Sheriff for Coke County. “But, we probably haven’t even had a good lead in well over a year.”

There are numerous showswebsites, social media feeds and news articles covering the dissapearance. Yet no new information has surfaced. The clearest the case gets is at it’s beginning.

It was at a spot along Highway 277 near Bronte from which Brandon Lawson placed a 9-1-1 call to Coke County sheriffs deputies. Shortly after that, a truck driver placed an additional 9-1-1 call describing Lawson’s vehicle and saying that there was a stranded motorist. Not long after, a Coke County sheriffs deptuty arrived at the scene to find Lawson’s vehicle abandoned.

Within two days law enforcement had gathered the resources necessary for ground and aerial searches. The family also hired private investigators to help work the case. Texas Rangers assisted in the investigation, processing Lawson’s home in San Angelo and reporting their results back to Coke County.

In a phone interview with KLST & KSAN News Ladessa Lofton, Brandon’s partner and mother of his children, said she still reflects on all that was done and still hopes for answers.

If you have any information regarding the whereabouts of Brandon Lawson, or about what happened that night in 2013, please contact the Coke County Sheriffs Department or the Texas Department of Public Safety.

This story is part of the Catalyst project “Mayberry Texas,” a statewide investigation into the 5,628 active missing persons cases in the state since 1998. Explore an interactive map of some of the cases and learn about a solution that could help families find closure. 

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