TxDOT aims to ‘End the Streak’

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SAN ANGELO, Texas-The Texas Department of Transportation’s (TxDOT) Initiative ‘End the Streak’ was put into effect in 2000 and looks to mark its 21st anniversary since the last fatality-free day on Texas roadways, this Sunday.

“Approximately 75,000 people, have not made it home, didn’t get to see a child graduate, didn’t get to walk their daughter down the isle, no grandbabies. I mean its almost a pandemic we have got to stop,” said Traffic Safety Specialist for TxDOT, Mona Lisa Fischer.

As of Thursday morning, TxDOT confirms 3,556 deaths in 2021 alone, for reasons including speeding, driving under the influence, and distracted driving.

“80 percent of crashes are attributed to distractions.” said Toby Taylor, President of Home Motors Inc. “We all have distractions, we’re all guilty of doing it. Having to retrain ourselves and learn to keep the phones put up in the car and keep the conversations to a minimum or to passengers will cut down on a whole lot of the accidents that we deal with everyday.”

The only way to end the streak is with the commitment of every Texas driver to foster safer conditions. Joey Huffman with the San Angelo Fire Department urges drivers to drive defensively and be aware of those around you.

“Be careful with your driving and watch the other guy because you could be doing everything right. Seat belted, not on your phone, paying attention and its somebody else, its the other guy, that’s not paying attention and swerves into the wrong lane, so watching the other guy has always been a big deal,” said Huffman.

Texas is on pace to hit 4200 deaths by the end of the year if the streak continues.

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