Tom Green County Relay for Life 2019

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SAN ANGELO, TX – The Annual Tom Green County Relay for Life benefitting the American Cancer Society is preparing to kick off the closing portion of their fundraiser at the Spur Arena in San Angelo.

“It is just something that we have been doing to help fight cancer,” said Kimberly Adams, the event lead for the TGC Relay for Life. “It supports our survivors, it supports our care givers, the families and friends of everybody. Once you have a conversation with anybody, you’ll here ‘oh I have a friend’ or ‘I have a family member’ or ‘I know someone who has been diagnosed or who has dealt with cancer.”

With hundreds of volunteers from across the community coming together to put the event together, survivors like Rick Atkins express sincere gratitude. “I feel grateful for these events,” said Atkins, a survivor of prostate cancer. “I also feel inspired by these events; by meeting new people that are just starting the fight or have finished the fight before me…or after me.”

For 2019 the relay for life set a solid funraising goal, the funds of which will go towards many programs those battling cancer rely on. “Our goal this year was $190,000,” said Kimberly Adams. “The last time I checked we were at $138,000 and we will watch that number increase all night tonight unitl we can celebrate in the middle of the track when we hit the $190,000. American cancer society has many different programs that they have. They have road to recovery programs that help with getting people to treatments, they help with hotel rooms when someone is going through treatments if they need to come to tom green county or if they’re goig to treatments in other cities.”

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