SAN ANGELO, Texas- (KLST) The girls are young, but ride their horses fast! The ladies of the Ambassadors work for hours on end, attending numerous, extensive practices year-round to ensure their drills are correct. But of course, like any other sport, there is a captain and co-captain leading the way.

“I have multiple girls that I look at and I’m like okay this one is captain material, so is this one, so is this one…” said Misty Weishuhn, head coach of the Ambassadors.

Making the decision hard for Coach Misty but for 17 year-olds Nayeli and Savanna, their dream came to fruition.

“Nayeli and I have always talked about being captain and co-captain together since I came on,” said Co-captain, Savanna Sexton.

“I was like ‘Woah’ where did that come from,” said Nayeli Carbajal, Captain of the Ambassadors.

These two girls don’t just do drills, they come from backgrounds of bull riding, roping, and 4-H among other achievements. But they’re best known for how well they complement each other.

“Nayeli is extremely soft-spoken, however, she does have a firm grip on her team and they kind of giggle and make fun a little bit if Nayeli is sitting there doing the tap of her toe, you know she’s about to get on to you. Savanna, she is a lot more vocal and so that’s kind of where they balance each other out,” said Coach Misty.

Many girls look up to the ambassadors for their western style of riding but also as role models. To those hoping for a shot at leading the team in the future, Savanna shares a bit of advice.

“Stay you, stay who you know you are. Always accept criticism and come to understand that you don’t know everything and so know how to handle it and know how to be yourself,” said the co-captain.

You can catch Nayeli and Savanna along with their teammates at the rodeo over the next two weeks doing what they do best.