SAN ANGELO, Texas- The groundbreaking 1973 Roe v. Wade Supreme Court Ruling gave women the right to choose but after Monday night’s majority leak it shows that most justices on the bench currently are ready to give that authority back to state legislatures dividing not just the country but also San Angelo.

“I feel angry because this is a decision that’s been in affect for 49 almost 50 years,” says pro-choice Emily Hewett.

“It just really excites me personally because I feel like this generation is going to reclaim this injustice and make it right. That’s my hope,” says Ryan Buck, leader of Sanctuary City of the Unborn-San Angelo.

Many say such a decision by the conservative leaning court was expected. Chief of Justice John Roberts confirmed the leak was genuine but a breach of trust. Hewett on the other hand says this is not a political discussion in her book.

“Women are going to die from this being overturned. This is so much more, this is about women no matter what walk of life you come from. From the highest of the high to the lowest of the low, everybody needs access and their right to choose,” said Hewett.

Pastor Buck on the other hand feels its not a target on women.

“This is not a women’s health issue,” Buck says. “This is a life issue. I cant pull out a weapon and kill you. I would be put to death in the state of Texas. How on earth can some people reason that its okay to end the life of a child even if its within a mothers womb.”

The draft opinion written by justice Samuel Alito, though not yet final, points to the supreme court striking down the 1973 landmark decision leaving President Biden to share a statement stating he hopes this re-energizes the public to vote for pro-abortion officials.