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Governor Abbott's Phase 3 of reopening continued Friday with fewer restrictions on restaurants

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Even as COVID-19 cases continue to increase in Texas, the governor’s Phase 3 of reopening continued today with fewer restrictions on restaurants.

“When we first closed we were offering city-wide delivery, curbside service and delivery,” said Simon Rincon, Owner of Nacho’s Restaurant Cantina and Grill.

Governor Abbott’s Phase 3 of reopening continued Friday with fewer restrictions on restaurants, which can now expand to allow customers to 75% of total occupancy. Restaurants will still have to keep tables at least 6 feet apart. However, they can increase their table size from 6 people to 10.

“A lot of the families are 8 plus so it was hard splitting up families. We had to split them up and it was hard to do that, but now we can keep all the families together,” explained Rincon.

Rincon said he is glad his restaurant is picking back up since it had to stop offering dine-in services a few weeks ago.

“We took a really big hit. We kept all of our employees and gave them a raise to offset income they had lost. Our company as a whole took a big hit,” added Rincon.

However, he is concerned about the recent increase in cases of COVID-19 in the Concho Valley.

“As a business owner and family man, it does concern me. My kids are here all the time so it does concern me,” continued Rincon.

In the meantime, he said he and his employees will continue to do what they can so customers feel safe. The tables in the restaurant are spread out and there is a sanitizing station for customers as soon as they walk in through the front door.

“Maybe closer to the holidays it’ll pick up better, that’s if we get the COVID positive cases down. It’s hard some people are hesitant, but we’re trying as much as we can to keep guests safe,” added Rincon.

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