Texas daycares remain open to provide childcare for essential workers

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Daycares across the State of Texas have remained open to provide childcare for essential workers

SAN ANGELO, TexasA San Angelo daycare will be closed for 14 days and thoroughly sanitized after a Pre-K aged child tested positive for the novel Coronavirus. For now, daycares across Texas are remaining open for children of essential workers.

Daycares across the State of Texas have remained open, (with certain requirements in place from the Department of Health and Human Services), to provide childcare for essential workers. One of the most important factors is not allowing any children to attend with fevers.

“They’re not supposed to allow anyone with a fever of 100.4 degrees Fahrenheit or higher, that show respiratory illness, or have been in contact with someone who has tested positive or is being isolated because they have been tested for COVID-19. Kids get dropped off and picked up outside. They’re still following certain guidelines all of us should be following. The guidelines are not any different than those of DSHS. HHS and DSHS are stating the same things they need to be following,” said San Angelo Health Services Director, Sandra Villarreal.

While the case that forced the closure of San Angelo’s “Kountry Tyme” daycare does not live in Tom Green County, Villarreal said anytime anyone tests positive for COVID-19, HHS works with local health departments for an investigation on the case.

“If there is someone that tested positive we need to know their contacts. That’s part of the investigation. Once someone tests positive, whether it’s a child or an adult, we gather that information and reach out to any entities that may have been affected. In this case, it happens that the child is not from our county. That investigation has been taken over by the department of state health services,” explained Villarreal.

Villarreal added that “Kountry Tyme’s” operators followed the correct procedure and that a two-week closure is in line with guidelines about how long the virus can be infectious.

“They did the right thing, took it upon themselves to close the place down. I would imagine they’re going to disinfect as best as they can. That 14-day window is a good window. It mimics the infectious period. Those kids that have been in possible contact, their parents need to watch for symptoms of any kind such as cough or shortness of breath,” continued Villarreal.

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