Tariffs impact West Texas

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SAN ANGELO, TX – The taxes on particular classes of imports and exports, also know as tariffs, are rising. That pressure is reaching the Concho Valley.

“Since the announcement of the latest round of tariffs we have lost a lot of market pricing in our cotton,” said Gene Gully, one of the board directors for the Tom Green County Farm Bureau. “We had about a ten cent drop in it. Is that all caused by the tariffs? I’m not 100% sure, but it definitly came down.”

Despite the difficuty, gully says, he still supports current policy. “Although the tariffs are causing us some pain in agriculture,” said Gully, “we’re still a supporter of the tariffs and of Trump and what he’s trying to do to being industry back to the United States.”

The agriculture industry is not the only one being impacted. From steel and chemicals, to shipping and even household times such as furniture, higher costs and delays in shipments have begun to be noticed in San Angelo and beyond.

“The frieght companies are having a harder time because they’re also having to deal with the tariffs which also slows things down,” said Trend Furniture General Manager Bobbie Reed. “They’re having trouble finding truck drivers which slows things down. Parts in general whether it be furniture or electronics, things like that. Just getting the parts is taking longer and that’s where we’re seeing the biggest slow down.”

Reed says though, that there is light at the end of the tunnel. “People need to know that it’s going to be a short term,” said Reed, “it will work out. Thankfully a lot of the furniture companies saw this coming and they have prepared. So the short term pain as far as waiting and maybe a little bit of the cost factor will not be long term.”

As the issue plays out locally and abroad, we’ll continue to see the effects.

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