SAN ANGELO, Texas – Last week, we reported to you that Congregation Beth Israel was in desperate search of their mezuzah last week after it was stolen. But one kind woman saw their story and reached out with a solution that has an amazing back story.

“It immediately came over me, your dad’s mezuzah, you must give it to them,” said Rosanne Horne, the kind woman who donated a new mezuzah.

Horne’s late father was a buyer of fine china, and glassware who traveled to New York when he became friends with a group of Jewish men. Later, the men would invite him to synagogue and gift him a mezuzah of his own.

“I really feel like this mezuzah was given to my dad by this friend, 47 years ago so it could come home here where its suppose to be,” she added.

After a recent attack on a synagogue in Colleyville, Texas, Ami Mizell-Flint, President of Congregation Beth Israel, says she hopes its not a trend but she has stood by her decision to not involve the police.

“To see the increase in attacks on synagogues across our country is more than troublesome but I just want to reiterate that somebody taking the mezuzah from our synagogue here in San Angelo, I really feel like was an act of ignorance more than an act of hate,” Mizell-Flint said.

The congregation was extremely grateful for Horne’s donation even honoring her at synagogue.

“We actually had the congregation read a verse that’s written in the mezuzah. We had them read it together in honor of Rosanne, her husband and in memory of her dad. I even heard some sniffles from the congregation and it was just a really sweet moment,” Mizell Flint added.