We all know him as San Angelo’s youngest Spelling Bee Whiz.

“Oh my talent? My talent is pretty simple, it is to spell words,” says Akash Vukoti.

It was this talent that landed him a spot on NBCs Little Big Shots in 2016 — a show hosted by Steve Harvey that highlight the unique talents of youth across the world.

“Steve Harvey is a really nice guy, he’s an amazing person to work with. He gives full freedom, so that kids can get the best out of themselves.”

Since his debut, Akash has become a TV star traveling around the world, even making an appearance on Little Big Shots in the UK.

“That was an amazing amazing, great, fabulous, excellent, honor,” says Vukoti.

April 23 he returns to the show in California on Season 2 as a special guest.

Other than spelling Akash says he likes geography, science, and math,but if neither of those work out, he’s going to take a chance on the TV screen.

“Because Steve Harvey has his own show called ‘Steve Harvey’, Harry Connick, Jr. has his own show called ‘Harry’, so why not me have my own show called ‘Akash Vukoti’, says Vukoti.

“Little Big Shots Season 1 was a super hit, yes, it was like a super hit. Season 2 I’m very sure, you don’t want to miss it.It’s coming on Sunday, 7 o’clock p.m. NBC, watch that one.”