Soliciting prostitution becomes a felony in Texas

News Connection

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/ KSAN) – Counselors at San Angelo’s Open Arms Rape Crisis Center say they hope a new stricter, penalty for soliciting prostitution in Texas will cut down on the number of human trafficking and prostitution cases.

In September, soliciting prostitution went from being a misdemeanor to a state jail felony in Texas.
Joseph Scaramucci, who lives near Waco, is a detective who has lobbied for stricter penalties and was part of the first felony arrest for sex solicitation in Texas and hopes it will help end human trafficking.

“Even if it’s completely consensual, the buyer still holds the power card right. They still hold that level of hierarchy and it really is what is just causing the obvious demand for trafficking I mean if you don’t have people paying for sex you can’t sell sex,” Scaramucci said.

Texas is the first state in the country to make “solicitation of prostitution” a felony and the change in the law took effect in September.

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