Social security month across the country


Over the past several months the number of reports made to the Social Security Administration for  “imposter calls” has increased significantly. Until recently the scam involved people who pretended to be agents from the internal revenue service. 

“Well, I think all of us are getting scam calls and sales calls,” said Tilly Chandler a local senior. “The scam calls amaze me because they’re so stupid. They’re so obvious. But yet, from what you read, people do fall for them.”

The newest scam involves “spoofing,” where scammers use computer initiated calls to reach people and tell them their social security number has been suspended. Then the scammers ask for victims to call back and give their social secutrity numbers, or money. Senior citiens are particularly at risk.

“The one I get the most is a young male voice saying he’s my grandson,” said Chandler. “But doesn’t give me a name. So that’s pretty obvious. I’ve gotten them from the IRS, from free trips, etc.”

As April, 2019 is Social Security Month across the United States, the San Angelo Police Department put out a press release to try to help educate seniors and others. Here is the crucial block, regarding the reporting of scams and abuse:

“If you receive a suspicious call from someone alleging to be from SSA or OIG, you should report that information to the OIG online at or by calling (800) 269-0271, Monday through Friday, 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Eastern Time. You can also report these scams to the Federal Trade Commission through a new site specific to Social Security scams: .”

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