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 We are in the busiest time of year for shipping and Lorry Miner with UPS says on Wednesday, 37 million packages will be shipped, “ecommerce, amazon, its just blown it wide open, I’ve been here 15 years and this is the busiest we’re ever going to see it, they even put on 35 extra planes that they’re running out of Louisville Kentucky this year” said Miner. 

More packages than ever are being shipped and the deadlines to get your package to its destination by Christmas Eve is fast approaching. Miner said “December the 21st so if you want to guarantee something there by Christmas eve you need to get here before six o’clock pm on Friday and we can get it there for Christmas eve, that is the absolute deadline for UPS”

The deadline for the United States Postal Service First Class and Priority mail is December 20th, while FedEx has a shipping deadline of December 21st. Gift senders must also remember to use proper packing for insurance to cover the item. According to Lorry Miner “bubble wrap your packages, make sure there’s sufficient cushioning, if you’re going to reuse your amazon boxes make sure its good and the integrity of the box is good, if not, we sell boxes, that’s what we do here.”

Miner recommends shipping your package as soon as you can for the best price and to always include a label on the inside, “We of course will type a label for customers when they come in and you can feel confident that we’re going to have the right ups label on there with the right service that the customer purchased but please, put an address label inside the box just in case something were to happen a box got lost of misplaced, Its always a good safe idea.”

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