Shannon Medical Center introduces new AirMed2 aircraft

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The aircraft will be used for longer transport flights

SAN ANGELO, Texas — Shannon Medical Center’s new AirMed2 will be stationed at the San Angelo Regional Airport. The Beechcraft King Air 90 is the latest addition to the Shannon AirMed system.

“It’s an amazing thing for San Angelo and really the surrounding communities as well,” said Kelly Koenig, D.O., Medical Director for AirMed.

Shannon Medical Center has added a new aircraft to its air ambulance services.

AirMed2 is a Beechcraft King Air 90 and is equipped with the latest medical technology, a critical care nurse and a paramedic trained to provide the same care as they would in a hospital.

The plane is owned by Med-Trans, though Shannon Medical Center provides the medical equipment and staff for patient care. The staff onboard the aircraft receive the highest level of training available.

“We’re able to take critical ill patients from their environment and continue that same care to our aircraft and the facility they need to go to, whether that’s Shannon Medical Center, a university center or a transplant center,” explained Koenig.

EXCLUSIVE: 360° photos of interior of AirMed2

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The new King Air is part of the AirMed system that includes the AirMed1 helicopter that has transported patients to and from Shannon for more than 20 years. The aircraft will be used for longer transport flights.

AirMed began testing out the service back in September 2019 with a loaned aircraft. As of Monday, August 17, the service had transported 310 patients. AirMed2 completed its first transport on Tuesday, August 18.

“Being able to go longer distances enables AirMed1 to stay local. We’re able to keep the helicopter here local and so they can bring the patient back to the hospital and we’re able to do the longer transport flights,” said Brandon Leggett, a Pilot for AirMed.

AirMed2 has unique features that include:

  • Synthetic vision
    • Allows the pilot to see the terrain in front and to the side of the aircraft.
  • Integrated traffic system
    • Makes traffic avoidance easier by telling the pilot where traffic is and what needs to be done to avoid it.
  • Enhanced weather radar
    • Allows the pilot to see weather in front and to the side of the aircraft.
  • Nexrad Radar
    • Allows the pilot to upload the flight plan and see how weather will affect the flight at greater distances.

Like AirMed1, AirMed2 can only transport one patient at a time. However, AirMed2 has enough room to allow one other person to accompany a patient, something Leggett says is especially beneficial to pediatric patients.

“The airplane itself is upgraded from the previous plane,” added Leggett.

While AirMed1 is stationed at Shannon Hospital, AirMed2 will be stationed at the San Angelo Regional Airport. Any time the plane brings a patient to San Angelo, the plane will land at the airport and the patient will then be taken to the hospital via ground transportation.

“To add this second aircraft and second crew that’s available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week is a blessing,” added Koenig.

For more information on AirMed services, contact 800.793.0010 or visit

Slide show photos and 360° photography by Ken Grimm

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