Sen. John Cornyn in San Angelo: $35M in relief funding distributed through the region so far

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$35M in federal relief funding have been distributed through the region since the "CARES Act" was passed in March

SAN ANGELO, Texas — $35M in federal relief funding have been distributed through the region since the “CARES Act” was passed in March. On Monday, U.S. Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) visited San Angelo and highlighted how those funds have been used to respond to the Coronavirus.

“This virus has taught us a lot of lessons,” said U.S. Senator John Cornyn.

U.S. Senator John Cornyn visited the Angelo State University (ASU) campus on Monday as students began their first day of the fall semester.

The senator toured a classroom reconfigured for hybrid learning with resources provided through the “CARES Act,” which has given the institution nearly $7 Million in relief funding.

New ASU President, Lt. Gen. Ronnie Hawkins, welcomed Cornyn to campus.

“Without that type of funding, we wouldn’t be where we’re at today to open the campus to the students,” said Hawkins.

San Angelo Independent School District Superintendent, Dr. Carl Dethloff, also welcomed the senator and thanked him for the more than $2.8 Million in federal funding given to the school district.

“That will strategically and fundamentally allow us to start school this Wednesday, August 19th. We have over 74,000 masks that were purchased, over 2,500 face shields. It is because of these funds that we are allowed to operate our school systems,” said Dethloff.

The rest of the $35 Million in funding is helping Tom Green County residents with housing and rental assistance, transportation and healthcare. Senator Cornyn said he remains hopeful the house and senate can agree on more relief funding in the near future.

“I’m glad that congress was able to act on four separate pieces of legislation, most notably the ‘CARES Act,’ to deal with this two-front war. One the public health challenge, the other the economic consequences associated with it,” said Cornyn, “We know there’s still a need out there. I remain hopeful that we will get our act together and we will pass additional aid for all of the various people that have been affected by the public health consequences or the economic consequences.”

Texas Tech University System Chancellor Dr. Tedd Mitchell, San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter and Tom Green County Judge Steve Floyd were also in attendance and thanked the senator for the relief funding the area has received.

“Washington can still unite in a common effort to get something done in a hurry. We hope that’s not temporary. Thank you so much,” said Floyd.

Here’s exactly how the $35 Million in relief funding have been distributed in the region:

  • Local Government: $6,556,000
    • City of San Angelo: $5,488,670 
      • $95,000 for masks, gloves, and sanitation supplies
      • $22,500 for telework equipment
      • $83,000 for housing and rental assistance
      • $64,000 for non-congregate sheltering for citizens
      • $12,500 for educational signage on social distancing
    • Tom Green County: $1,067,330
      • $26,800 for social distancing partitions
      • $13,000 for COVID testing
      • $7,195 for PPE
  • Angelo State University: $6,829,574
    • 2,311 students received $3,179,781 in aid
    • Built a health screening app
    • Purchased masks, cleaning equipment, sanitizer, and thermometers
    • Procured educational equipment to transition to virtual learning
  • San Angelo ISD: $2,848,284
    • 74,410 Masks
    • 2,500 Face Shields 
    • 2,200 Pairs of Gloves
    • 458 Thermometers
  •  San Angelo Regional Airport: $1,227,539
  • Concho Valley Transit District: $4,238,812
  • Local Health Care Facilities: $13,174,568

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