In a changing world, some women say the need to learn how to operate a firearm is imperative now than ever.

“Most of the women I talk to that are opposed to handling guns is that first and foremost, they’re scared of it,” says Kathy Glass.

“And there is so much in the news about what a firearm can do, honestly, a firearm cannot do anything, it’s like a computer. Unless, the operator tells it to do something or has it do something, it’s not going to do anything.”

Once women get over that fear, there are a number of reasons why the gun ownership for women is increasing.

According to the National Shooting Sports Foundation, the most important reason for owning a firearm is self-defense.

“In today’s society, it’s probably thee first and foremost reason women want to pick up a firearm,” says Glass.

Following self-defense, learning how to hunt and casual shooting with family and friends comes next, where 43% of women gun owners go target shooting at least once a month.

Studies show that the interest of women and guns grow every year.

“That’s where I see that going, is that whole women side of the industry is going to just keep exploding and getting more appealing to women,” says Glass.

For those women who have ventured into the world of firearms they say it’s all about safety.