San Angelo welcomes first New Year’s baby of the decade at Shannon Medical Center

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — The first baby of the new year born in San Angelo came a little after 9 o’clock this morning at Shannon Medical Center.

Little Wyatt SanJuan was born at 9:10 a.m. on New Year’s at Shannon Medical Center.

“He weighed 6 lbs and 11 oz and he was 18 inches long,” said Mattie SanJuan, Baby Wyatt SanJuan’s mother.

He was the first baby of the year and decade born in San Angelo.

“It’s exciting. We weren’t planning on it, we figured people would’ve already had babies by now,” added Mattie.

Baby Wyatt was born via C-section 3 weeks early.

Although nurses had to monitor him for several hours after his birth, he is now doing fine.

The SanJuan’s are now a family of four — Baby Wyatt has a big sister.

“Our other one is strong-willed and strong-minded. It’s going to be interesting bringing another one home, but we’re excited for her to have a little friend and companion she can play with and grow up with,” explained Mattie.

Both Mattie and her husband Fred said they hope Wyatt and his sister grow to be kind, loving people.

“We try to be the best that we can and try to instill that in them, too. Respect people and love everyone but also stand in what you believe in at the same time,” continued Mattie.

When asked, the two had their opinions on who they think Wyatt’s favorite parent will be.

“I think they all prefer me,” said Fred while laughing, “We’ll see what happens. It’s not a competition. I just wanna love them and that’s all I care about.”

Doctors said the family will be going home sometime in the next 48 hrs.

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