San Angelo uses a one million dollar allocation for roadwork

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SAN ANGELO, Texas – The city of San Angelo is in year 5 of a 10- year bond allocation for the city’s streets. They’ve been moving forward on major projects like Bell st, MLK drive, and College hills, but have more on the list to renovate in the next 5 years. One major obstacle the street division is facing: Workforce

Patrick Frerich, Assistant Director of Operations says, “It really is a manpower issue. You know we have 30 people in our street and bridge division. And so, I like to put it into perspective, so each, each individual and street and bridge is responsible for one-lane road from San Angelo to Ballenger so so for 40 miles of road that one person has to take care of that every year if we were to take care of every street in town.”

This obstacle is being resolved by bringing in external companies to aid in the renovation projects, however, that also creates a greater need for financial resources.

These resources are supplied by the bond given.

More on this in the video above.

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