San Angelo Resident from the Philippines gives back

News Connection

SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – For years now, a San Angelo woman who grew up in the Philippines has traveled to her home country to help people. After Covid-19 caused her projects to stop temporarily, she now taking on a bigger role.

Rhea Agatep Hale goes several times each year to volunteer on community projects. She has helped local residents build a church and organized food services for thousands. In March of this year, she started a project with regional offices of the Philippine National Police. This gives her the resources to help even more in her home country.

Rhea Agatep Hale says, “It’s not about distance. It’s not even the presence of the pandemic that should stop you. So, what I want to tell people is to see what’s going on around [them]. So you have to look beyond what you see. You have to feel the needs of these people.”

Her two children Kiley and Wesley say they’ve learned a lot about selflessness from their mother as well as about determination and motivation. Her son, Wesley, explained the greatest lesson he’s taken from watching his mom give back to the community she grew up in saying, “You can do anything no matter what, even though it’s across the world or how hard it is as long as you have the attitude.”

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