San Angelo Police Department now hiring new recruits

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – The San Angelo Police Department currently has about 165 officers but is now looking to expand its reach by hiring about 15 more new recruits.

San Angelo Police Department Public Information Officer, Tina Burks, explains that the city budget allows funding for around 180 officer positions and they’re hoping to combat crime in San Angelo by putting more feet on the ground. Burks continues that the increased need for officers is common as many retire, transfer, or change careers entirely.

Sergeant Travis Griffith, SAPD says, “The crime problem comes and goes and we try to deploy our resources where we need them… and that’s a big, big thing is we need to have the staffing to do so. So finding the qualified applicants and putting them where they need to be to put our resources out in the community to suppress that crime and do it appropriately.”

They’re not only looking for quantity in people but also quality; Sergeant Griffith says, “More hands you have working on a project, generally can get it done a lot quicker. And, and so we’re looking to keep our staffing up at a time where we’re seeing a lot of people leave law enforcement. And so that’s, that’s the main thing as we eat more, is, is good in a lot of ways, but we also want to make sure that we dial in on quality.”

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