San Angelo Mayor urges citizens to do their part to contain COVID-19

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SAN ANGELO, Texas — San Angelo Mayor Brenda Gunter says the significant increase in COVID-19 cases in Tom Green County this week follows Memorial Day weekend, graduation parties and the loosening of restrictions.

“All of these cases are a result of Memorial Day weekend, graduation parties and loosening restrictions. Loosening does not mean ignoring the guidelines,” said San Angelo Mayor, Brenda Gunter.

According to Mayor Gunter, when restrictions across the state loosened she knew the number of cases of COVID-19 would increase but she was surprised at how many we’ve seen.

“What we are shocked by is the number of cases. What it tells us is no one is paying attention to the guidelines,” added Mayor Gunter.

She said a big problem is gatherings of family members from different households.

“They’re choosing to get together with multiple members of their family. One person comes and has been exposed, then multiple family members are diagnosed positive,” explained Mayor Gunter.

While the City of San Angelo cannot impose any more severe restrictions than those in the governor’s executive orders, Mayor Gunter said she would consider taking action if she feels she needs to.

“We are confused about the direction Governor Abbott is putting out there. He has said you may not be more or less strict, yet cities are doing those things. We will be working with the Attorney General to find out why we’re trying to live by the governor’s directions and other cities are not,” said Mayor Gunter, “If we need to become more strict to protect our city, I’m willing to do that.”

Until then, she urges citizens and businesses to do their part to contain COVID-19.

“We need citizen support. We need citizens to take social responsibility and social discipline. You don’t know when it’s going to impact your family. do you really want that?,” continued Mayor Gunter.

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