San Angelo man finds out he has a brother after over 70 years

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – Bill Hardy is a San Angelo man born to a mother and military father. After joining the military himself, Hardy moved around before settling in San Angelo. He had been living life as an only child up until 2019 when he was approached by a friend who was talking to a man that claimed to be his brother, Brent Hardy.

Brent Hardy, now living in Jefferson City, Missouri, had also thought he was an only child. His parents divorced when he was 5-months old and an agreement in the divorce was that his father wouldn’t have contact with his son. Growing up, Brent Hardy was raised by his mother and grandmother, only leaving the house when he, too, left for the military. After returning from Vietnam, Hardy was to marry and hoped to reconnect with his father; intending to invite him to the wedding. Upon this search, Hardy discovered his father had passed just a year earlier.

Decades had passed for Brent Hardy, but in 2019 he decided to further his search for family – this time, looking for siblings. It was then that he was connected with someone that knew Bill Hardy, now a San Angelo resident.

Bill Hardy was skeptical at first, but the pair quickly discovered they did, in fact, have the same father. They were planning to meet in person when the pandemic hit and they were forced to cancel.
They kept in contact, speaking through phone calls and texts over the past year, but are now ready to meet in person.

The emotional in-person meeting will be at the end of this month. Both say they are happy to have found each other.

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