It was a home video that helped one San Angelo postal worker make it to the big screen.

Last year Megan responded to a call flyer for a United States Postal Service television commercial.

“My postmaster called me on route and the postmaster doesn’t usually call you so, I pulled over and I was extremely excited,” says Megan Beecher.

 In February, Megan traveled to Hollywood to shoot the commercials.

“It was fabulous. The days were long a lot of it was waiting for the sun to go down or come up,” says Beecher.

She couldn’t describe her role in the commercials but said the overall experience was exciting.

“I took it very seriously. Leaving here I had a lot of support, my co-workers, supervisors. I had full support, I left with the knowledge of being a mail carrier and taking that with me and being myself and that’s why I got chosen, I was myself in the video.”

 She’s only been with USPS for two years and was told the commercials would air this year at the end of March and sometime in July.