San Angelo designated as Visual Arts Capital of Texas

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SAN ANGELO, Texas- San Angelo has received yet another designation this year as the Visual Arts Capital of Texas.

Governor Greg Abbott signed HCR 24, a house concurrent resolution introduced by Representative Drew Darby, designating San Angelo as the Visual Arts Capital of Texas for the next 10 years. Diann Bayes of the Convention & Visitors Bureau was also in attendance and testified on San Angelo’s behalf.

“We want our community to be proud,” Bayes said. “I’ve been in this industry a long time, and we tend to get in our cars, drive to work with blinders on not paying attention to what there is to see and do. So we have to educate our own community to be great ambassadors. We want to encourage them to be a tourist in their own town so when we get these designations, we can share them with the public then suddenly, they can look at it and say oh we really do have some really neat stuff in this city.”

Art in Uncommon Places, a non-profit in San Angelo, has contributed to multiple public works of art in the community. They also offer open air museums and mini art galleries around town.

“It just brings so much feeling and excitement to thinking we finally give a pat on the back to all the artists that have contributed to make San Angelo the beautiful Visual Art Capital of Texas,” said Julie Raymond, president of Art in Uncommon Places.

You can see the arts of San Angelo in many spots including the Chicken Farm Art Center, The San Angelo Fine Arts Museum, and Art in Uncommon Places to name a few.

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