San Angelo company manufactures ultra-violet lights to sterilize face masks and other PPE

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"Principal LED" is creating UV-C LED sterilizers

SAN ANGELO, Texas — A San Angelo lighting company manufacturer has a product that can kill viruses and bacteria on surfaces in seconds. “Principal LED” is making UV-C LED sterilizers that can be used to extend the life of personal protective equipment (PPE).

“UV-C has been proven and tested to work for other types of Coronaviruses,” said Bryan Vincent, a Managing Partner of “Principal LED” in San Angelo.

Hospitals across the country are facing a shortage of face masks. To combat the issue, “Principal LED” is creating UV-C LED sterilizers. The company claims the devices can extend the life of face masks and other PPE.

“We developed a hand-held germicidal sanitizer for killing bacteria and viruses. The idea is that hospitals can use this to sterilize cell phones, keys, extend the life of PPE’s that are in shortage right now, as well as keyboards and other items to keep employees safe. It takes about 5 seconds at 1-2 inches from the surface to completely sterilize the area it’s shining on,” explained Vincent.

“Principal LED” has been working on manufacturing the product for a year, but recently accelerated the process because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

According to Vincent, several hospitals have already placed orders on the lights amid a shortage of face masks.

“This (UV-C) has been tested by a global lab, but not specifically for COVID-19 because it’s a new virus. We know that this works on other Coronaviruses like SARS and MERS, as well as other types of bacteria,” added Vincent.

Vincent said the devices aren’t a primary mean of sterilization but they can help keep bacteria at bay.

By the middle of April, the company will be at full production and will be making 350 devices a week. According to Vincent, the devices will be available to businesses at around $1250, but hospitals will be prioritized when taking orders for these.

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