Sagecrest houses Baptist Retirement physical therapy department

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SAN ANGELO, TX – Baptist Retirement Community has relocated their physical therapy gym to the Sagecrest Alzheimer’s Care Center. They emphasize the importance of staying active, for ones physical and mental well being.

“We’re making a lot of changes on our campus,” said Erin Kelly, Baptist’s Director of Marketing. “We’re under an $8,000,000 renovation on our campus and so, we did close one of our nursing homes where our outpatient therapy and our skilled nursing gym were located. We did move them to Sagecrest Alzheimers Care Center and the cottage homes.”

Residents of the Baptist Retirement Community main campus say the new space is better suited for one-on-one sessions, where doctors don’t feel rushed. The physical therapy staff also appreciate having dedicated spaces to work, and a more centralized area to guide patients toward better health.

“We used to run back and forth as the employees,” said Cisco Garcia, the Director of Rehab and a physical therapy assistant. “We had to go work with the main campus and then we’d come over to the sagecrest campus and provide the physical therapy services. We didn’t have a designated gym or or a designated work area at that time.”

The relocating of the physical and other therapy departments to Sagecrest makes it more easily accessible to alzheimers patients and others. Physical and other activity plays a major role in both physical and mental health.

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