Safe Kids San Angelo teaches summer safety

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST /KSAN) – Now that kids are out of school families are planning for summer activities so DPS, TxDOT, and the San Angelo fire department are teaching families about how to be prepared.

A Safe Kids San Angelo summer safety event is geared toward water and car safety, giving away free lifejackets, taking temperatures in cars, and teaching hands-only CPR.

Car heat safety is still a problem, though punishments for leaving children in vehicles have increased in recent years, causing 25 child fatalities nationwide last year. DPS Sergeant Justin Baker explains, “It takes about 10 minutes for that vehicle to go up 20 degrees. We talk about the heat stroke in the human body at 140 degrees it’s deemed that the body is now experiencing heatstroke at 170 degrees. Now it’s critical.”

San Angelo Fire Department’s involvement in the event is teaching people about hands-only CPR. Firefighter and EMS Mason Matthews says, “A lot of times, people that suffer from sudden cardiac arrest are seemingly healthy people and even teens and this is a wonderful program that allows people to be a first responder…”

This feature gives bystanders a chance to make a difference and be a first responder in sudden situations.

The event runs from 4:30 to 6:30 at Shannon South on June 8th.

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