SAN ANGELO, Texas – The San Angelo Fire Department celebrated the retirement of 3 and promotion of 6 firefighters Friday at the McNeese Convention Center.

“We promoted one captain, two lieutenants, three drivers and had three individuals retire with a total time of service of almost 80 years. A lot of knowledge out the door and a lot of new guys moving up to take those positions,” said Bryan Dunn, Fire Chief for the City of San Angelo.

Family and friends came to support the men and pin them for their recent achievements or unpin them and congratulate them on their dedicated service to our community. Not everyone possesses the courage to walk into flames and toward danger, but for Captain Robeert Wells the last 20 years have been so worth it.

“You know, there’s some missed dinners in there, some long nights and some tragedies along the way but its always been my pleasure to help and serve the people of San Angelo” Robert Wells, former Captain of SAFD Station 3.

With multiple retirements and promotions, SAFD is in need of some new faces! Chief Dunn shares with those who are thinking of a career as a firefighter, why its so great.

“I am fixing to finish year 32 with the San Angelo Fire Department and start year 33 in 9 days. It’s been a great career, its never boring, its something different every time. You’re on a ambulance one day and on a fire truck the next so its an exciting career and never boring,” said Chief Dunn.

The deadline to apply is Jan. 28 and no prior fire/ems experience is needed to apply.