SAN ANGELO, Texas – Agencies in the city work tirelessly to help those in need, and Rust Street Ministries is doing all they can for those who lost their possessions after an apartment fire in San Angelo.

“We’re neighbors helping neighbors and when folks need something, they need a hand up, an embrace or just a friend, were here to help them with their physical, their spiritual and emotional needs,” said David Ingram, Director of Rust St. Ministries.

Operation Fire Box was started by Rust Street Ministries a few years ago and offers those who are displaced by a fire with household essentials. Those essentials include pots and pans, cups, towels, and linens to name a few.

“Things that a family might need just in an emergency manner when their house has burnt down,” added Ingram.

All of these items plus the boxes themselves, and the care that goes into them, is due to community partnerships.

“There are just a ton of ways that we help the community and that’s because San Angelo is such a giving community,” said Ingram.

Fire boxes are available immediately at 803 Rust St.