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The chaos around holiday shopping has come to a close and now that presents have been opened some returns will be made, and most stores have holiday return policies. Susan Ratliff-Target General Manager said at Target, “almost all items have about 90 days, target owned items have a year to return it, if you don’t have a receipt, we can use the method of payment to look it up, like a credit card or a check, um but if you also don’t have your receipt you can bring in your id we can also do store exchanges on a lot of items too.”

Other big name stores are offering extended return periods, gifts from Best Buy can be returned until January 12th and gifts from Walmart have until January 10th or January 25th depending on the item. Ratliff says “If you have a gift receipt that’s extremely helpful and if you can get a receipt that just makes the process a lot faster but if you don’t just make sure you bring in some form of identification.”

 Even with a significant increase in online shopping hasn’t effected in-store returns, Ratliff said  “we actually have seen not a real large increase in returns this year it’s about on par with last year, as technology gets better, I think people are getting gifts they actually want and so we don’t see quite as many returns as we have in years past.”  

Ratliff also added that this is the perfect time to take advantage of the clearance section at store to stock on on items you know you will need for next year “we actually see on the morning of the 26th every year, we’ve got a pretty dedicated group of shoppers, there’s about a dozen of them that come in and they stock up on all of their Christmas supplies for 2019, so lights and placemats and decorations and wrapping paper and clearance toys and things, getting ready for next year.”

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