Repurpose those Halloween pumpkins to feed wildlife

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SAN ANGELO, Texas- Pumpkins make great fall decorations, but once the carving and trick-or-treating are over, you can repurpose your pumpkins to benefit wildlife critters and the San Angelo Nature Center knows just the way to help.

“If you decide you want to bring your pumpkins to the Nature Center after Halloween, all of our animals here would really really enjoy them. We feed almost half of our animals pumpkin, from our birds to our outdoor mammals, to some of our reptiles. It’s really good for them and they can really enjoy them throughout November hopefully,” said Selina McSherry with the San Angelo Nature Center.

Pumpkin patches like ‘Circle S’, in Wall, Texas even sell their left over pumpkins at just a dollar to farmers across the Concho Valley.

“We typically have quite a few pumpkins left over at the end of the year so we like to, at the end of the year, we make them available to goat farmers, ranchers, they like them for their animals. I’ll sell them to these guys at a discounted rate because animals love them, its like a sweet treat for them,” Circle S owner, Lindsey Schaerlt added.

Animals like deer, birds, badgers, and foxes to name a few, love pumpkin as a sweet treat. The pumpkin flesh and seeds have great benefits for the animals including being high in soluble fiber.

“Just in general its a food source and a very good food source especially for animals from raccoons to rabbits to fox, turtles they absolutely love pumpkin,” McSherry said.

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