Remembering September 11, 2001

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The tragic events that took place on 9/11 left a mark on all Americans

SAN ANGELO, Texas — On this 19th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks, dozens of people gathered in San Angelo to mark the day.

Patrick Brody, Asst. Chief of Administration for the San Angelo Fire Department remembers exactly where he was on September 11, 2001.

“Everybody remembers a tragic event in their lifetime,” said Brody, “My grandfather’s generation was Pearl Harbor. My father’s generation was when JFK was assassinated in Dallas. My generation up until the point of 9/11, was the Challenger Explosion. I was sitting in rookie school starting my fire career and the Twin Towers were attacked. I’ll never forget that day because I had no idea what my new journey was gonna look like in fire service.”

The tragic events that took place on 9/11 left a mark on all Americans, including Tracy Fincher, Asst. Chief for the San Angelo Police Department.

“It was just a very sad and somber day, something I’ll never forget. I’d served in the military prior to that. It almost made me want to run down and sign back up for the military,” said Fincher, who was working as a police officer in San Angelo during that time.

19 years later, Americans continue to honor the nearly 3,000 lives lost during the attacks…hoping to never forget.

“I want September 12th back. I want the day that our country came together showing national pride. We weren’t burning flags, we were hanging flags. I want to see people have that deep love for our country again,” added Brody.

Brody and Fincher, along with other first responders, city officials and community members attended a memorial ceremony at the San Angelo Museum of Fine Arts on Friday morning. During the ceremony, local first responders received recognition for their continued service to people in San Angelo. The city’s 9/11 monument that is near the Celebration Bridge on the Concho River includes a piece of steel from the World Trade Centers. Dozens of flags placed at the site honored the Americans killed in the attacks.

“Our country is going through some difficult times. It’s things like that that keep us together. I hope we never forget those who lost their lives and sacrificed so much,” said Fincher.

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