Red Kettles and Bell Ringers Help Raise Money for Salvation Army


Every year for about a month red kettles with bell ringers are set up around town to raise money for the Salvation Army.

Major Stan Carr- Salvation Army Commanding Officer said “the bulk of it goes into our operating budget for next year so that we can run our emergency shelters, we can feed people, we can clothe people, we can respond when there’s a disaster.”

The red kettles have been a yearly tradition since 1890 when they started in San Francisco.

According to Janet Sheen-Community Relations and Development Coordinator “all of the funs stay right here in San Angelo, so every dollar given for the needy here, helps the needy here in San Angelo, it doesn’t go out and get a certain percentage of it, all of it stays here”

In 2017 the San Angelo Salvation Army raised $79,000 and this year their goal is $100,000.

Carr said “its an interesting feeling as you head into the season cause you think okay, here we go, because it’s 15 and 16 hours days but you get a couple days in and you catch that spirit again and you get energized and I just love doing it because people are so responsive”

For Sheen this is her first year with the Salvation Army and she is already seeing what a differance it can make,”when I came on board, I had no idea al the different outlets it helps, so it’s just amazing, it’s an amazing organization that really truly does do the best good” said Sheen. 

For Carr he has been with the Salvation Army for more than thirty years and the smiles year after year are the best part. 

“I just think its the smiles that we see on peoples faces when they realize that their contribution makes a difference right here in their own community” stated Carr. 

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