Possible pay increase for city personnel

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SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST/KSAN)- City personnel may soon get a pay raise after City Council met and agreed on a five-percent increase across the board. All that’s left is approval.

City personnel, especially first responders like firefighters and police, make considerably less in San Angelo than comparable cities which causes issues for recruitment and employee retention.

San Angelo Police Sergeant Jeremy Cannady said, “I’m a Sergeant with the Police Department and I can go to Abilene as a lateral transfer, and go back to patrol as a normal officer and get a pay raise from what I make with the City of San Angelo.”

The Council’s discussion was targeted on how to increase pay to city personnel, while not increasing property taxes.

Lane Carter San Angelo City Council Member explained, “So we took our marginal revenue with a 5% decline in sales tax, estimated out, and a property tax decreased to .770, which is a .006 decrease from the year prior. 5% increases for raises us civil service which is inclusive of fire and police. And we did a 5% increase for raises for the employees, which is implementing a loyalty pay as well.”

The City council says it is looking at September with approval for the pay increases.

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