“Paws Pals” allows you to spend time with a pet without committing to owning one

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If you’d like to spend time with pets but don’t have the time to commit to owning one, you could become a member of Concho Valley PAWS’ “Paws Pals” program.

As a “Paws Pals” member, volunteers spend a few hours a week with dogs or cats.

“We found that there’s a lot of people that want to get involved and help with the animals but they’re not in a position to adopt or even foster,” said Jenie Wilson, the Executive Director of Concho Valley PAWS.

“PAWS PALS” is a program that allows volunteers, or “pals,” to befriend a shelter pet and commit to spend 1-2 hours with them every week, until they are adopted.

“Pals” are able to take the pet outside of the shelter for walks, to the park or even to grab a “pup-accino!”

“Studies show it reduces their cortisol levels dramatically, which improves their overall health. It’s so good for these animals just to get a reprieve from the shelter every once in a while,” explained Wilson.

The program is ideal for anyone who wants to have a one-on-one relationship with a pet, but is unable to pledge to bring one home.

“We’ve found out a lot of military and college students love it because they’ve left their pets at home and they miss that companionship,” added Wilson.

By participating in the program you can help pets, like Bella Rose, find their forever home.

“It increases their adopt-ability significantly. If our ‘Pals’ are out there taking photos and posting to social media, it increases the audience that sees that animal and so many of them get adopted so much quicker if they have a ‘Pal,'” continued Wilson.

In addition to the “Paws Pals” program, volunteers have the option to participate in “Pajama Pals,” another program that allows you to bring a pet home overnight.

“If you just want them to spend the weekend with you, you have all the time to spend with them. We provide the food, bedding, whatever they require, we make sure you’re set up for your time out,” included Wilson.

If you are interested in becoming a “Paws Pal,” you can fill out an application at cvpaws.org.

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