SAN ANGELO, Texas – We are riding yet another COVID-19 wave as Omicron rapidly surges nationwide. Doctors say it could be another month before we see case numbers even start to down trend and because of that lines for testing are growing increasingly longer.

Omicron is on the rise all over the country, but right here in San Angelo the numbers continue to spike. Dr. Doug Shultz describes Omicron as a milder version of COVID-19 and resembles the signs of the flu or a cold.
Due to the milder symptoms he says there are less hospitalizations even though case numbers continue to rise.

“Runny nose, sore throat, maybe some fever but there not getting the respiratory distress that we had with the Delta and that in turn leads to less people who have to be admitted to the hospital. There are still some admitted but not anywhere near what it was with the last wave we had,” said Dr. Shultz.

Testing sites, like AnyLabTestNow!, are working hard to ensure everyone gets a test but they say almost all are coming back positive.

“What were seeing is a surge in the omicron vs the delta,” said Jana Braden, Owner of AnyLabTestNow! “Were seeing a big surge for omicron positives probably 95 percent are positive compared to probably 80 percent when it was the delta so big surge.”

But if you can get your hands on a home test, Dr. Shultz can confirm that they are accurate and reliable. Shannon has also just recently applied to receive a new oral pill by Pfizer for those in high risk group who contract COVID.