Angleo State University hosted their annual health fair Monday in the C.J. Davidson center on campus. The event is a collection of health related organizations from throughout the community, as well as some from Texas Tech University.

“This is the ninth year that we’ve held this event,” said Gabriel Alvarado-Pereyra, one of the organizers. “The reason that we hold this event is to promote good choices with our students and our community.”

Business professionals from across the city were there to talk to students about their organizations, including a health food store, the Texas Department of Public Safety, and even some non-profits.

“We are promoting healthy initiatives or colon cancer awareness month,” explained Karen Gray, the community development manager for the American Cancer Society. “We want to make sure that anyone age 50 or older knows that it’s time to go ahead and get that colonoscopy and that check, so that prevent something that is 100% preventale.”

The Tom Green County Health Department was also there to answer quesitons about what they do. “We are here to offer information and testing,” said Nurse Lorina Rodriguez. “If they have questions, we want them to know what our services are that we have available. We just, enjoy coming to see the students.”

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