SAN ANGELO, Texas (KLST / KSAN) – An increase in what police call “street racing” has led to new laws allowing law enforcement to confiscate vehicles in Texas.

The law took effect in Texas on September 1st as lawmakers reacted to a sharp increase in the numbers of “street racing” cases across the state in recent years.

Just in the past week, San Angelo Police have arrested two drivers for “street racing”. This is defined as “exhibition of acceleration between each other.”

The offense is a Class-B Misdemeanor, unless someone is injured, then increases to a Class A Misdemeanor.

Texas DPS Sergeant Justin Baker, says, “Laws are present now to make sure that people are not out there racing each other and if they’re found in violation of it, you’re going to be one-stop to you’re going to be arrested because that is now a class b misdemeanor. Now people end up getting hurt. Obviously, the punishment is going to be increased and it goes to class a misdemeanor and then forfeiture of property.”